The Allora cape is a proudly designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. 

The idea for Allora came to life after falling in love with beautiful images of vintage capes from the 1960’s.  I loved how stylish and classic capes look and how they can be easily layered to create many different looks. 

The cape I have designed is made with premium quality wool and cashmere coating that feels soft and luxurious when worn.  

The tailored style and shape reflects a modern yet classic woman who seeks quality pieces in her wardrobe that she can dress up or down effortlessly no matter what the occasion. 

Allora capes are made in Melbourne by a highly regarded garment manufacturer who has been making garments for some of Australia’s top designer labels for over 35 years. 

The quality and workmanship in all aspects of the cape ensures an Allora cape will last season after season and always look amazing.

I believe in utilising the skills and talents available here in Australia and I only work with makers who ensure their workers rights are protected.

By purchasing an Allora cape you are not only buying a well made piece for your wardrobe, you are also supporting the Australian fashion industry and local manufacturing.

In February 2017 Allora proudly became an accredited brand with Ethical Clothing Australia.   

I love hearing from my customers and people interested in my capes.  Feel free to drop me a line.

Tabatha Brixton
Allora, Founder